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Best Strata provide expert Strata and Community Title Management Services in South Australia. Providing excellent customer service is our primary aim. 

Our services are detailed below; 



  • Arrange Annual General Meetings, Extraordinary General Meetings, Committee Meetings and any other meetings as necessary.
  • Send an agenda, financial statement and proxy form to each owner prior to the meeting.
  • Attend and assist in conducting the meeting and recording the minutes.
  • Provide a budget estimate for the coming year and provide recommendation on amount of contribution levies for both administration and sinking funds.
  • Prepare and distribute to owners the minutes of meetings.
  • Meetings can be arranged at our office, your property or another venue convenient to you.


Financial Management


  • Issue contribution levy accounts for amounts as recorded in minutes of meeting.
  • Issue special levy accounts as required by the corporation.
  • Provide convenient payment methods for account collection, including BPAY, credit card over the phone or internet, direct debit, in person at Australia Post or mail.
  • Monitor and follow up contribution arrears. Follow up includes the sending of overdue accounts, letters of demand and debt recovery action.


  • Pay all corporation invoices and outgoings from corporation funds.

          Bank Accounts and Audit

  • Provide a secure interest bearing trust account in which to hold corporation funds.
  • Funds are held in the Best Strata Clients Trust Account held at NAB in an interest bearing account. All interest is disbursed to corporations based on their respective balances. Best Strata take no portion of interest earned.
  • Make records available for independent audit of trust account as required by legislation.


  • Register corporation for Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN) and Goods and Services Tax (GST) if required.
  • Prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements (BAS) for GST registered corporations.
  • Arrange preparation and lodgement of Income Tax Returns through a tax agent.


Secretarial and Administration

  • Maintain register of owners and if applicable their agents and tenants.
  • Oversee correspondence requirements.
  • Complete statements required for the transfer of ownership of units/lots (s41 or s139 statements).
  • Process applications for approval to alter the structure or external appearance of units/lots.
  • Ensure compliance with the Strata or Community Title Acts.
  • Ensure corporation's constitution, house-rules and by-laws are adhered to.
  • Distribute welcome pack to new owners.
  • Provide safe custody of common seal, certificate of title and common area keys if required.
  • Supervise the use of the corporation's common seal



  • Organise new insurance policies and/or policy renewals.
  • Arrange assessment of building replacement costs through an independent licensed valuer.
  • Organise and monitor insurance claims.
  • Provide Certificates or Insurance.


Property Maintenance

  • Organise specifications and quotes as recorded in minutes of meeting.
  • Arrange planned maintenance requirements as recorded in minutes of meeting.
  • Attend to urgent maintenance requirements.