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Value For Money

Best Strata services are competitively priced. 

Corporations choosing to arrange their own maintenance will receive a further 20% discount off the standard management fee.

Best Strata do not charge a funds investment fee - this means that all bank interest earned by the corporation remains with the corporation.

Best Strata do not have common ownership with, or receive commissions from, maintenance organisations.


Best Strata Online

Best Strata Online is an internet based information system for Best Strata Clients. We believe it is the best in South Australia.  It is very easy to use.

All owners have access to;

  • Contact information and the facility to update.
  • Outstanding account and payment history information.
  • Key corporation information and documents such as plans, rules, resolutions and insurance policies.
  • Corporation noticeboard.
  • Meeting documents such as agendas, financial statements and minutes.

Corporation officers have additional access to;

  • Unit register.
  • Financial information such as current fund balances and transactions lists.
  • Insurance policy and claims information.


Excellent Financial Management

Fund Security is Important:  That is why Best Strata have a policy of only depositing client funds in the Big 4 Australian Banks. Currently corporation funds are held in the Best Strata Clients Trust Account held with the National Australia Bank.

Maximise Interest Returns:  Excess trust funds are deposited in high interest bearing accounts (secure accounts with the Big 4 Banks). All interest paid on trust funds is distributed to individual corporations based on their respective balances. Best Strata do not retain a funds investment fee.

Levy Collection:  Best Strata have implemented an excellent levy collection process to ensure the optimum collection of levy contributions. Clients have a variety of convenient payment options available to them. Overdue accounts are promptly followed up.

Financial Reporting:  Our standard financial reporting is excellent. Best Strata will also tailor reporting to meet individual corporation needs.


100% South Australian

Best Strata is 100% South Australian owned and operated.

As our focus is purely on South Australia, we can tailor our services to accommodate the South Australian legislation and industry.

What's more, all business profits remain in the state.